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A strong company with a sustainable vision

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Our professional services are developed in six specific areas, characterised by the “turnkey” concept.

From the knowledge, enthusiasm and experience of our extraordinary team together with the union of our companies from different fields, REDPORT Capital resulted in 2016.

Currently, Redport Capital is one of the most dynamic real estate players on the Romanian market and we are committed to delivering excellence through all our residential projects.

Redport Capital


Redport Properties positions itself on the market as an all-round real estate developer looking at various real estate opportunities, not just in the residential segment.
Redport Management is a private company that owns a group of companies active in real estate project management.
REDPORT Engineering is adynamic company, which provides complete solutions for a wide range of activities in the construction field.


To be a benchmark, bringing aesthetic, functional, social and commercial value to every real estate project we develop.


To design and build a bold future with memorable achievements through innovation, dedication and professionalism.


Leadership - we act on the vision and experience of outstanding people who generate the most effective solutions through the power of example.

Innovation - we are one step ahead of everyone else and constantly innovate to develop sustainable and profitable projects.

Courage we work with determination on every direction of development and make every effort to turn the boldest plans into reality.

Perfection - we want to be the best, so we focus on solutions and progress every day through know-how, passion and hard work.

Specific areas of expertise

division Residential

REDPORT is a private company in charge of business generations and project development.

division Investment

Our main objective is to identify potential investments, guarantee contract purchases and deliver high returns for our investors.

division Financial expertise

REDPORT Capital is a holding that owns a group of companies in charge of construction, investment, development, and management of real estate projects.

I don’t know what else to say, this is something that you haven’t seen before. Unique design, impressive, and outstanding support. RedPort Capital, always a pleasure to work!
Laura Lorewnce
Director at Cubic Hotel, RO